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Refined Recruiting

As a longstanding provider of recruiting services in Washington, DC, The Ford Agency has experience working with some of the area’s most prestigious organizations and corporations and has a clear understanding of the necessity for quality employment decisions. Our clients expect us to understand the cultural nuances of their unique environments and integrate that knowledge into our search process to identify candidates who meet both the hard and soft skill requirements to thrive, engage, and contribute to the team successfully.
What sets us apart from other similar firms is our comprehensive approach to recruiting. We understand that the best candidate is not just someone who fits a job description, but someone who will be a significant contributor and an asset to our client. To this end, we learn not only the logistics of a job, but we also strive to understand our client’s company culture and environment in order to identify the best candidate for any given role.
Our recruiters work as a team, with no internal competition. This approach ensures that our clients get our absolute best candidates for their open positions. And in an industry where needs and priorities can change in a flash, it’s important to be responsive. Timing can make the difference in nearly every aspect of life and in recruiting, it is critical. Our collaborative approach to our daily work gives us the ability to really provide a level of response that meets the need of urgency for our clients and candidates alike.

We listen, ask key questions, and refine the process

Our refined process has led our team to consistent success in recruiting for the area’s discerning business market.

We ensure our clients’ priorities, role requirements, company culture, and objectives are taken into consideration for every search. We have an extensive pool of talent to quickly identify strong candidates for your open positions, taking the burden of time and energy off your shoulders.

We do the same for candidates, actively listening to career desires and goals during each interview, and presenting realistic options and timelines for employment.

Clients and candidates alike find our recruiting services refreshing and reliable.

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