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The Ford Agency places candidates of all levels at a broad range of organizations across many industries including, but not limited, to those listed below.

Who is The Ford

The Ford Agency is one of DC’s most well-regarded, boutique recruiting firms. As a woman-owned small business with decades of experience in the DC Metro area market, we have demonstrated experience finding the right talent for each organization.

Our recruiters are professional, knowledgeable, and able to adapt to changing trends while always maintaining the highest level of recruiting standards for both our clients and candidates.

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Our services

The Ford Agency provides full-cycle recruiting and placement services. We have a focused and refined process in deciding each hiring investment.

We listen, ask key questions, and refine the process

Our refined process has led our team to consistent success in recruiting for the area’s discerning business market.

We ensure our clients’ priorities, role requirements, company culture, and objectives are taken into consideration for every search. We have an extensive pool of talent to quickly identify strong candidates for your open positions, taking the burden of time and energy off your shoulders.

We do the same for candidates, actively listening to career desires and goals during each interview, and presenting realistic options and timelines for employment.

Clients and candidates alike find our recruiting services refreshing and reliable.

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